Addressing LGBTQ Issues in Islam | Webinar

Published: June 17, 2022 • Updated: July 6, 2022

Author: Yaqeen Institute

How can we address LGBTQ Issues as Muslims while remaining faithful? What is our Islamic ethical framework, and how do we offer the proper support needed to our community in an ever changing world?

Join Dr. Omar Suleiman, Sh. Mustafa Umar, Sh. Ubaydallah Evans, and Sr. Sarah Sultan for the discussion.

00:00 - 04:20 Introduction

04:21 - 06:59 10 undeniable Islamic rulings related to LGBTQ issues

07:00 - 15:50 10 questions to be addressed regarding LGBTQ and Islam

18:16 - 20:03 How to navigate a changing world as a Muslim

20:04 - 22:42 Differentiating actions from identity

22:43 - 24:40 Standing your ground as a Muslim with Prophetic mercy

24:41 - 26:50 Understanding current social issues

32:32 - 35:34 The urgency to address homosexuality and transgenderism in Muslim communities

35:35 - 40:52 Is revisionism possible in Islam when it comes to homosexuality?

40:53 - 46:41 How does an Imam help someone struggling with SSA (same-sex attraction) or gender dysphoria?

48:36 - 50:20 “I didn’t know if Allah would accept me”

51:30 - 55:30 How to overcome the discomfort of having different values

55:32 - 1:04:20 What to do as a Muslim struggling with SSA

1:04:20 Standing strong on a personal level with your convictions

1:07:10 - 1:09:22 Being uncompromising but compassionate

1:09:23 Du'a


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