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Conversation Decks

Conversation 1

Why does God ask people to worship Him?

Conversation 2

How can we be sure the Prophet ﷺ was a prophet?

Conversation 3

How can we control our emotions and reactions?

Conversation 4

Why do bad things always happen to me?

Conversation 5

Why did Allah create us with different personalities?

Conversation 6

Why does Allah want us to repent?

Conversation 7

Why does God allow evil to exist?

Conversation 8

Did Islam spread through violence?

Conversation 9

Do we need Hadith?

Conversation 10

Is the Shariah barbaric?

Conversation 11

How can we empower ourselves in uncertain times?

Conversation 12

How can you make this Ramadan the best one yet?

Conversation 13

Why is the Qur'an a miracle?

Conversation 14

How can we combat racism in our communities?

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