Conviction Circles™

You have the courage to think.

We have the tools to help you.

Conviction Circles is your space to revive our tradition of critical thinking by immersing yourself in deeply intellectual, guided faith discussions on a regular basis.

Each Circle compels you and your peers to nurture your conviction, discover new perspectives, and gain a deeper understanding of relevant topics, until your faith is surrounded by a fortress of confidence.

Get started on Conviction Circles

Step 1

Create a Circle

Step 2

Enter the Conviction Circles portal and watch the training videos.

Step 3

Download a Discussion Kit.

Step 4

Gather people and dive right in.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Discussion Kits are downloadable resources based on our research publications, containing everything you need to conduct a Circle. They’re the structured guide designed to help you think critically, self-reflect, develop new insights, connect with others, and aspire to become a better version of yourself.

Conviction Circles™ are designed for those who want comprehensive, in-depth discussions around challenging faith topics. Currently, our online platform contains training videos and downloadable Discussion Kits (and full, continued support) for those who would like to be Facilitators and start their own Circle.

For lighter faith discussions and fruitful social bonding, check out Yaqeen Conversations™.

As with everything we’ve produced, all our offerings are completely free.