Conviction Circles™

You have the courage to think.

We have the tools to help you.

Conviction Circles™ are in-depth, engaging faith discussion groups for you, led by you, and guided by Islamic scholarship you can trust.

The Path to Conviction

Path to Conviction 1
Asking the questions you want to about faith.
Path to Conviction 2
Digging deep into your own soul.
Path to Conviction 3
Becoming confident in your beliefs.
Path to Conviction 4
Feeling unfazed by tough questions about faith.

Whether you’re a college student seeking a faith connection, a curious young professional, or a seasoned youth leader, this resource will teach you and your peers how to think critically, discover new perspectives, and nurture conviction through intellectual discourse.

Here’s how it works

How it Works 1

Start training

Each Facilitator* gets access to training videos and a scholar who can help you every step of the way.
* That's the person who guides the discussion. It could be you — or anyone else.
How it Works 2

Download a Discussion Kit

Each Discussion Kit * is the core of a Circle — a unique, structured guide designed by a team of experts.
* They're built around Yaqeen's peer-reviewed, scholar-approved research papers.
How it Works 3

Gather people

Each Circle is a bonding experience, delving into tough faith topics while connecting with your peers.
Expect to feel comfortable with confronting–and breaking down–challenging faith questions.

Learn how to think with Conviction Circles™.

We’ll support you every step of the way.

Find your voice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Discussion Kits are downloadable resources based on our research publications, containing everything you need to conduct a Circle. They’re the structured guide designed to help you think critically, self-reflect, develop new insights, connect with others, and aspire to become a better version of yourself.

Conviction Circles™ is designed for those who want comprehensive, in-depth discussions around challenging faith topics. Currently, our online platform contains training videos and downloadable Discussion Kits (and full, continued support) for those who would like to be Facilitators and start their own Circle.

For lighter faith discussions and fruitful social bonding, check out Yaqeen Conversations™.

As with everything we’ve produced, all our offerings are completely free.