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10 reasons to donate

Yaqeen is a resource for your community

Yaqeen puts up-to-date content into the hands of masajid, Imams, youth directors, organizations, and more to equip them with what it takes to dismantle doubts and nurture conviction in their communities.

Yaqeen puts high quality content in your pocket

Our mobile app allows users to have access to all of our content with just a tap. You can listen to lectures during your commute, read a publication during some down time, or quickly pull up an infographic to convey a concept to a friend or family member.

Yaqeen changes lives

“When I feel disconnected, I always turn to Yaqeen. It came through when I was holding on to religion with a loose grip. Thank you so much for this. It has helped me immensely.” We receive messages like this frequently, thanking Yaqeen for clarifying doubts.

Yaqeen addresses relevant topics for Muslims today

Muslims are confronting complex topics such as abortion, women’s rights, jihad, shariah, secularism, Islamophobia, and more. Yaqeen addresses these topics head-on to empower our communities.

Yaqeen gives a platform to qualified, diverse voices

We pride ourselves on building a team that is diverse on all fronts, allowing for constant, enriching dialogue that helps us produce high-quality research.

Yaqeen is and will always be 100% free

We pledge to make every last piece of content we ever create free for everyone.

Yaqeen believes in making high quality content accessible to everyone

We raise the discourse of the Muslim community by making academic grade research material accessible to everyone. This means packaging our research into animated videos, lectures, audiobooks, infographics, curriculum, and more.

Yaqeen is going global

By the grace of God, we have opened a Yaqeen office in Canada and are in the process of opening one in Malaysia. With your support, we can continue to dismantle doubts and nurture conviction internationally.

Yaqeen helps make the world a better place

Islam has a centuries long tradition of inspiring contribution through conviction. Previous Muslims were on the forefront of medicine, philosophy, architecture, art, governance, and more. By dismantling doubts and nurturing conviction, we allow Muslims today to be inspired by their faith and contribute positively to humanity.

Yaqeen reclaims the narrative about Islam and Muslims

We believe that telling our own story is the only way to counter the narrative that has been forced upon our community.

Fundraising Philosophy


Islamophobia is a multi-million dollar industry, with funds moving from influential foundations to a combination of institutions, scholars, activists, and journalists. There is thorough research on its negative impact on the Muslim community, both domestically and internationally.

This has resulted in a three-fold effect:


Dehumanizing Muslims and demonizing Islam is the root cause of bad policy such as anti-sharia legislation and the war on terror, which includes the surveillance of Muslim communities.


Non-Muslim allies or those interested in learning about Islam have a difficult time finding accurate information about our faith.


Many Muslims having paralyzing doubt, with some consequently distancing themselves from the community and still others even leaving Islam.

Yaqeen was born out of a recognition that Islamophobes have spent a disproportionate amount of time and money in the think-tank world and media, leaving the Muslim community in the United States and abroad constantly held hostage by false narratives about our religion and way of life. The narratives created about Islam and the Muslim world have directly led to the enactment of discriminatory policies towards Muslims, leaving us in a perpetual state of disaster response. These narratives have directly impacted the identity and beliefs of young Muslims, themselves exhausted by false portrayals of Islam and the pressures of being Muslim.

Why We Chose to be a Charity

As an IRS designated 501(c)(3) charitable organization, we are subject to additional regulation and oversight that mandates better governance, transparency, and accountability metrics in our operations and finances. This assures our donors and partners of our commitment to adhering to applicable laws and international best practices in raising and deploying our funds

Yaqeen could have opted to become a for-profit institute with a subscription fee. Although more difficult, we chose to be a non-profit. We recognize that the Islamophobia industry is well-funded and offers its content for free, a major reason for its far reach and large impact. We believe that we have the same donor potential to reach as many spaces as—and more than—they have reached with a correcting narrative about Islam, and we are committed to keeping all of our content 100% free and accessible.

Our Commitment to Integrity

For the sake of maintaining independence and integrity, we have never accepted funding from any governmental entity, including CVE grants. This also applies to any foundation that espouses ideas that would delegitimize our organization. Our commitment is to maintain independence from any funding that could potentially compromise Yaqeen’s mission.

Our Commitment to Other Institutions in the Community

We have extended our hands to Muslim organizations around the country and world to partner in good without charging for our content. Our goal is to provide mosques, Islamic schools, and youth groups with the resources they need to foster a strong Muslim identity. Media and policy organizations can also access reliable research they need about Islam with confidence in our rigor and representation. Yaqeen is an institution committed to helping all other institutions in the Muslim community be more effective.

Looking Ahead

We seek to be forward-thinking and spare the Muslim community in the US and Muslims around the world much of the pain and disaster caused by the multi-million dollar Islamophobic think-tank industry by correcting the narrative on Islam. In just a few years, Yaqeen has made a significant impact online and onsite in the most important spaces, not just by pushing back on suggestions that Islam and the Muslim world should constantly be treated with suspicion, but in pushing forward the idea that commitment to Islam in its most orthodox sense directly translates to a commitment to humanity in the most beautiful ways, ushering in a more harmonious global society.

We’re not merely about defending Islam but also about highlighting the beautiful ways that Islam has given to the world before, and what it can do for us today as individuals and societies when understood and practiced properly. We believe we can generate the most relevant research on Islam as well as build a media presence that allows us to reach people through search engine optimization, a robust social media presence, and a healthy working relationship with other institutions.

In order to continue our work in the most efficient way, we need to be as well-funded as the think- tanks that do us so much harm. Our media capacity needs to be elevated both in terms of production quality and presence.

Our Endowment (Waqf) Strategy

At the heart of our funding philosophy is building a fully sustained endowment guaranteeing our operations’ financial needs are always met. This gives us the ability to continue to recruit the best talent while gaining access to the most important spaces that influence the way the story of Islam and the Muslim world is told. The COVID-19 pandemic, which left individuals and institutions vulnerable, has demonstrated why it is so crucial for a non-profit the size of Yaqeen to have secured funding that can sustain us through times of uncertainty.

With the importance of our mission and the continued success of our efforts and programs, long term sustainability is a necessity. Yaqeen also has a documented waqf/endowment strategy in place and has been disciplined in designating large donations to the waqf/endowment account directly.

Yaqeen’s endowment strategy rests on three pillars:


Provide an annual, predictable source of revenue to support operations.


Preserve the purchasing power of the original gifts.


Increase independence from funding trends outside of our control.

Our goal is to secure an endowment that covers 70 percent of our operations.


Another important way we rely on a predictable revenue stream to support our operations is through monthly recurring donations. We depend on donors who are consistent in their contributions. As the Prophet Muhammad SAAWS said, “The best good deeds are the ones that are consistent, even if they are very small.” These donors sustain our operations and join our mission by becoming a part of the Yaqeen team and using the value of a monthly subscription fee or more to change someone’s life with this free content. To help us continue this work as a Yaqeen Sustainer, click here to sign up.

Ramadan and Other Seasonal Fundraising

Ramadan, and the last ten nights in particular, is the most important time for us to raise funds that help us get through the rest of the year. It is a time when the ummah is most generous, as is expected because the rewards are multiplied so much by Allah SWT. Other times include the blessed first ten days of dhu al-hijjah and in December as an end-of-the-year push. Even with the goal of the waqf covering 70% of our operating expenses and support from sustainers and champions, we will always have to continue fundraising during these seasons to fill in the gaps and appreciate the excitement and support that is generated in each one of these seasons.


In the immediate aftermath of the outbreak of COVID-19, we were uncertain as to how our fundraising efforts would be impacted. We took a number of preventative actions to shield our staff from potential salary reductions or furloughs or layoffs. One of those preventative actions was applying for the SBA Paycheck Protection Program. Since we filed the application promptly and correctly, we were swiftly granted approval. However, with the help of Allah Most High and the continued generosity of our supporters and other effective organizational cost savings measures, we were able to maintain all staff and operations. Therefore, we chose to decline the SBA funding in hopes that other non-profits could receive the support instead.

To read more about Yaqeen Institute's eligibility to receive zakat and our policy detailing how those funds are managed and spent, please see our zakat policy.