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Curriculum units

Topic 1
6 units

Islamic Creed: Principles of Faith

Unit 1

The Case for Allah’s Existence

Unit 2

Why Does God Ask People to Worship Him?

Unit 3

The Proofs of Prophethood

Unit 4

Qur’an: The Living Literary Miracle

Unit 5

Divine Decree

Unit 6

How Can Evil Coexist With a Merciful God?

Topic 2
2 units

The Ethics of Everyday Life

Unit 1

Environmental Ethics in Islam

Unit 2

Islamic Mindfulness

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our curriculum is designed for a high school audience to be used by educators in full-time Islamic schools and weekend schools. It is also suitable for community leaders to use with their youth groups.

Although it is ideal for our users to have experience in teaching Islamic Studies, our curriculum provides step-by-step directions and explanations so even those with less experience can learn how to effectively teach our units. For those who have a history in teaching, we encourage you to modify the lesson plans where needed, and share with us your results!

Our curriculum is designed as a supplement to existing Islamic Studies’ curricula to enhance the classroom experience with relevant and contemporary topics. You can incorporate our lesson plans into your classroom schedules on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. You can also select individual lesson plans to teach from each curriculum unit that best fit your needs.

Each curriculum unit consists of 3-5 lesson plans, with each lesson designed for approximately 50-minute sessions each. Lesson plans can be taught within the allotted time period, or shortened or extended to meet student needs.

All units include learning objectives, ready-made presentations, worksheets, and assessments. You can preview and download unit 1 from this page as an example.