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What Islam Says About...

On this page you’ll find a quick and comprehensive catalogue of answers to common questions that arise from misconceptions about Islam. Each answer has been reviewed by Yaqeen’s research team and approved by qualified scholars.

For the majority of the world’s 1.8 billion Muslims, Islam represents a comprehensive way of living a peaceful life devoted to God. However, over time, fearmongers and the actions of a few have stirred doubt about Islam’s views on violence.  What does Islamic doctrine truly have to say about terrorism, jihad, and honor killings?

Islam has a long scholarly tradition of acknowledging mental health struggles and guiding believers towards healing through both spiritual and clinical means. Explore how trauma, meditation, OCD, and other mental health topics are viewed from an Islamic lens.

At its simplest, shariah is the Islamic interpretation of God's law, but it is also a common source of misunderstanding. Read on for an in-depth explanation of sharia, its implementation, and related terms.

Helping you understand better

As a global faith community present in the world for over 1400 years, Islam has inspired countless generations. From arts and culture to education to hospitals and government institutions, the influence and teachings of Islam show up in all facets of life.

The vibrancy of Islam is often hidden behind layers of misconceptions and misinformation. On this page, learn what Islam has to say about those misconceptions.