fbpixelEp. 9: Why Do Muslims Experience Doubt? | DoubleTake | Yaqeen Institute for Islamic Research

Ep. 9: Why Do Muslims Experience Doubt? | DoubleTake

It can often be unclear what causes someone to struggle with their faith and identity as a Muslim. The roots of religious doubt can vary from person to person, and they manifest in ways that may be contrary to popular belief. To better understand this phenomenon, Dr. Youssef Chouhoud fielded a survey of over 600 Muslims across America and asked them to share their opinions on various social, political, and religious issues.

In this episode, host Mohamad Zaoud sits down with Dr. Chouhoud to understand his findings on the sources, subjects, and manifestations of religious doubt outlined in his Yaqeen Institute paper “What Causes Muslims to Doubt Islam? A Quantitative Analysis.”

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June 3, 2021