fbpixelS1E11 – What is the “Constitution” of Medina? | DoubleTake | Yaqeen Institute for Islamic Research

Life of the Prophet (seerah)

S1E11 – What is the “Constitution” of Medina? | DoubleTake

The document known as the ‘Constitution of Medina’ has been described as the first-ever written constitution in human history. Some attempt to use it to defend and formulate their political views, while others question its authenticity and significance. How important is the ‘Constitution of Medina’ to our view of an ideal society? What were the major goals and themes of this document? How relevant are they to our practice and understanding of Islam today?

In this episode, host Mohamad Zaoud talks to Dr. Ovamir Anjum, author of the Yaqeen Institute paper “The ‘Constitution’ of Medina: Translation, Commentary, and Meaning Today.”

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June 23, 2021