Episode 1: The Best of My Days | Prayers of the Pious

In the first episode of the Prayers of the Pious series, Sh. Omar Suleiman considers the righteous dua that Abu Bakr (r) made at the end of his lifetime.

اللَّهُمَّ اجْعَلْ خَيْرَ زَمَانِيْ آخِرَهُ، وَخَيْرَ عَمَلِيْ خَوَاتِمَهُ، وَخَيْرَ أَيَّامِيْ يِوْمَ أَلقَاكَ

“O Allah, let the best of my lifetime be its ending, and my best deed be that which I seal , and the best of my days the day I meet You.”

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May 16, 2018
Prayers of the Pious