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Tapping into Allah’s Treasure – Rizq Part 1 | Daily Reminders

In this time of job uncertainty, it’s important to remember that your rizq, your sustenance, is already determined and guaranteed for you. However, there are ways to tap into that rizq and never worry about it again. Mufti Abdul Rahman Waheed shares five means that will help us gain more rizq from Allah.

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Mufti Abdul Rahman Waheed

Fellow | Mufti Abdul Rahman Waheed is a Scholar, Jurist, teacher, Khateeb, and Da’ee. Born and raised in Lansing, MI, he expressed his zeal to study the sacred Islamic sciences from a very young age. At the age of nine, Mufti Abdul Rahman began his journey of knowledge at Jaamiah al-Uloom al-Islamiyyah Ajax, Canada. Within one year, he completed the memorization of the entire Qur’an. Subsequently, he pursued a rigorous 7-year Alim program in which he received Ijaazaat (authorizations) in various Islamic sciences such as Tafseer, Hadith, Usool al-Hadith, and Usool al-Tafseer, to name a few. Upon graduating with top honors in 2006 at a tender age of 17, Mufti Abdul Rahman traveled to Karachi, Pakistan to further pursue a 2-year specialization (takhassus) program in al-fiqh-al-islami and ifta at the renowned Islamic University at Binnori Town.