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Confident Muslim – A Yaqeen Institute Initiative

Confident Muslim is a platform which will seek out the brightest minds of the Ummah seeking to make a positive impact in society. We believe that our tradition is rich with contribution and can inspire change makers in many different ways.

Confident Muslim is a conference that invites Muslims to dig deep into that tradition, and find themselves and their contribution. Presenters will identify a past contribution within an Islamic framework, and offer an idea as to how to go about implementing a similar contribution today. These presentations will be strictly limited to ten minutes, and should be well researched and rehearsed. They will be professionally recorded and exposed to Muslims and Non-Muslims alike seeking inspiration and change.

Each year, the Yaqeen Institute for Islamic Research will award the best presenter with a Muhammad Ali confidence award. Muhammad Ali represents an individual who combined conviction with contribution and touched the world. We hope to inspire a generation of confident Muslims to follow in those footsteps.

May 20, 2017