Unit overview, learning objectives and content standards

Lesson 1: The chaos inside

Through an analysis of their own lives, students will recognize the need for techniques to cope with overstimulation and unnecessary distractions. Students will recognize mindfulness as an advantageous tool and identify beneficial practices they can incorporate from the Prophetic tradition.

Lesson instructions

1.1 Teacher reference: Heart illustration

1.2 Worksheet: Modern conditions

1.3 Teacher reference: Bi’dah in meditation

1.4 Homework: Why mindfulness


Lesson 2: Noise meets silence. Silence meets thoughts.

One of the troubling signs of our age is our difficulty to maintain silence. In this lesson, students will be introduced to the stages of thoughts to help them develop their meta-cognition and gain control over negative thoughts, allowing them to find comfort in the quiet of their minds.

Lesson instructions

2.1 Worksheet: Notes on silence

2.2 Teacher reference: Stages of thoughts

2.3 Worksheet: Stages of thought

2.4 Worksheet: Challenging negative thoughts


Lesson 3: Meditating to excellence

In this lesson, students will deepen their understanding of muraaqabah (meditation) and recognize it as the bedrock to ihsan. Students will experience muraaqabah in the classroom, and realize that calm and contentment attained in this life can eventually lead to calm and joy in the next life.

Lesson instructions

3.1 Worksheet: Muraqabah

3.2 Worksheet: Aspects of muraqabah

3.3 Teacher reference: Muraqabah instructions

3.4 Homework: Mindfulness log





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