Prophetic Prayers for Relief and Protection

By Dr. Tahir Wyatt

Our contemporary world is chaotic and it leaves many of us feeling anxious, uncertain, and afraid. One of the best ways to manage these feelings is through the power of prayer.

Not only does du’a keep us strong spiritually -- it is a powerful method of psychotherapy as well.

This eBook, based Dr. Tahir Wyatt’s research paper, Prophet Prayers for Relief and Protection, provides a collection of du’as through which we can find meaning and strengthen our faith as a means of coping with all the stressful, confusing, negative situations that spring up in our lives.

What’s in the book

  • 32 du’as
  • The deeper meaning behind each du’a


Dr. Tahir Wyatt - Author #1

Dr. Tahir Wyatt

Tahir Wyatt is a published academic, experienced interpreter, and instructor of Islamic studies and comparative religion. During his twenty-one years of studying and teaching in Saudi Arabia, he procured several degrees, including a doctorate in theology. In addition to Dr. Tahir's role as the Director of the Systematic Theology department, he also serves as an Associate Editor on Yaqeen's Editorial Review Board.