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Are the whispers of Satan a type of OCD? | Animation

Waswâs al-qahri, which means ‘overwhelming whisperings’ in Arabic, is a complex mental health disorder found in Muslim populations. This animated video defines what the disease is, possible clinical treatment options, and makes recommendations for treatment providers.

Learn more in “Clinicians, Imams, and the Whisperings of Satan” by Najwa Awad here.


Najwa Awad

Fellow | Najwa Awad is a psychotherapist who is passionate about helping Muslims heal, grow, and thrive after adversity. She has over a decade of experience providing online and in-person counseling to children, adults, and families at her practice, Amanah Family Counseling. Najwa also enjoys giving workshops to destigmatize mental illness, address current mental health issues within the community, and promote psychological health from an Islamic perspective.