Episode 4: Enormity of My Sins vs His Mercy | Prayers of the Pious

In this episode, we observe the du’a of a complicated character, Abdul Malik ibn Marwan, and how we can improve the quality of our du’as when asking for forgiveness from Allah.

يَا رَبِّ إِنَّ ذُنُوْبِي عَظِيْمَةٌ ، وَإِنَّ قَلِيْلَ عَفْوِكَ أَعْظَمُ مِنْهَا ، اللَّهُمَّ فَامْحِ بِقَلِيْلِ عَفْوِكَ عَظِيْمَ ذُنُوْبِي

“My Lord, my sins are enormous, but a little of Your forgiveness is greater than them. O Allah, so erase with a little of Your forgiveness my enormous sins.”

May 19, 2018
Prayers of the Pious