Why should I give a khutbah on Islamophobia?

A phobia is an irrational fear; Islamophobia, then, is the irrational fear of Islam. Basically, it is when people unreasonably view Islam or Muslims as a threat to their lives, freedoms, or whatever else. Not only is this fear misplaced and irrational, but it is deliberately stoked by an industry of immense resources.
The Islamophobia Industry sells fear of Islam and Muslims to the general public. Studies show that Islamophobic groups have had access to over $200 million just between 2008-2013. With those resources, they have dominated the discussion of Islam in many major media outlets.
This talk addresses the issue of Islamophobia using the most recurrent story in the Qur’an—the story of Prophet Musa (as) and the tyrannical Pharaoh—and how this story echoed in the lifetime of the Prophet, in our lifetime, and countless instances in between.

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