At Yaqeen Institute, we strive to maintain the following three principles in our commitment to scholarly rigor:
  1.     Our commitment to accuracy and truth (ḥaqq)
  2.     Our commitment to continuous improvement (iḥsān)
  3.     Our sense of responsibility to Allah, to our readership, and to our supporters (amāna)
In an effort to ensure these principles are upheld, we are happy to introduce you to our Editorial Review Board: 
Through vetting by this panel of scholars and researchers, we can provide readers with the most up-to-date and rigorous scholarship on a particular topic. In the pursuit of truth, one of the most critical elements is to revise and improve content. Consequently, articles on our website will be updated from time-to-time in order to feature new content, add references, correct errors, and offer further explanations when needed. You can find a list of our recently updated publications here
Learn more by reading our Commitment to Scholarly Rigor and getting to know our Editorial Review Board.