Why should I give a khutbah on the Prophet's ﷺ character?

There is hardly any greater immunity against the distorted images of the Prophet ﷺ than a study of his life. Studying the Sīra liberates people from the manipulative illustrations of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, and allows a person to witness for themselves why Allah described him as “but a mercy to the worlds” [21:107]. It develops within a person a sense for which “snapshots” of the Prophet ﷺ are depictions of his normative practices, and which were exceptions to the norm. Then, as one studies further, he or she begins to realize that even these “exceptions” were not trivial hiccups in his character, but rather another dimension of his superior persona and universal mercy that many simply fail to understand. Conversely, not studying the Sīra adequately subjects a person to doubt this truth, and believe the incomplete story given to them about the Prophet ﷺ as enough evidence to pass a verdict of guilt on him.