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Why should I give a lecture on this topic?

Let’s be honest with each other: being a practicing Muslim in the West is not easy. We often face immense pressure from multiple sources that pushes some of us to believe that our faith is a burden more than anything else. Whether it be from the media, the workplace, or society at large, there is a pressure to conform to the norms of the rest of society. In light of this, some of us may find that practicing our faith comes at a high cost. We may end up asking, “Why am I even following the tenets of Islam? What is the benefit?” And one may look around and find that “others” seem to be happy and doing just fine without being Muslim. It is natural for these thoughts to creep in, especially in light of the enormous pressure that exists.
For those experiencing this difficulty now, know that you are not alone. We all face the pressure and we all have our weak moments. An excellent way to emerge from those moments of weakness into periods of strength is to reflect on the purpose of Islam in addition to the benefits and reward we are guaranteed for our investment in this life as Muslims.