Yaqeen Institute for Islamic Research

The Reality of the Afterlife

As Muslims we have a strong conception of the afterlife, but sometimes we become too attached to what is in front of us. Faatimah Knight reminds us that when we get in moments of anxiety and stress, it’s so important to ask ourselves: Are we thinking as people who believe this life is part of a much longer life? Or are we operating as people who believe this is the only life we have and we need to get much out of it before we pass?


Faatimah Knight

Fellow | Faatimah Knight holds a Bachelor of Arts in Islamic Law and Theology from Zaytuna College and a Master of Arts in Religious Studies from Chicago Theological Seminary. Her research interests include Islam and modernity, gender in the Islamic textual tradition, usul al-fiqh, metaphysics, and religion in public life. She is a research fellow at Yaqeen Institute and the community editor for Renovatio, the journal of Zaytuna College. She hosts a podcast on Islam, liberal arts, and culture called Creative Minority.