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Research shows that doubt starts young, but it carries over well into adulthood.
Just as our experiences have shaped who we are, our children’s negative experiences with Islam are shaping their identities.

We’re changing that. Here’s what we do:

Yaqeen is a Zakat-eligible* and a tax-deductible 501(c)(3) organization. Our EIN is 81-2822877.

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It’s important not only to tackle doubts but to proactively nurture conviction in the hearts of our youth, so that they may become strong, contributing members of society.

By nurturing conviction in one person, you empower their entire progeny.

You are one step away from impacting an entire generation.

100% of your contribution will directly impact the following programs built to make our faith-based research accessible to our youth.


*Details on Zakat Eligibility:

“According to the fourth declaration of the eighth conference of the Islamic Fiqh Council, it is valid to use zakat for the propagation of Islam and answering misconceptions about it. This position is adopted by a very large number of contemporary scholars. They consider dawah to be included in the category of “fi sabeel-illah” mentioned in the verse of Surat at-Tawbah detailing the deserving recipients of zakat. Since the purpose of Yaqeen Institute is “establishing conviction in the hearts and minds of Muslims, and battling the false notions that underlie Islamophobia and extremism,” it is a legitimate recipient of zakat.”

Dr. Hatem ElHaj,
Scholar, Fatwa Committee of Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America. Dean, Mishkah University