Unit overview, learning objectives and content standards

Lesson 1: The Qur'an’s attitude toward the environment

This lesson explores how the Qur’an speaks about the environment in three major themes: as a sign to reflect on, as something put in service of humankind for their benefit, and as a creation that humans are meant to care for and maintain.

Lesson instructions
1.1 Worksheet: The environment
1.2 Worksheet: Qur’anic verses on the environment
1.3 Homework

Lesson 2: Environmental ethics through the big ecological lens

The second lesson demonstrates how human activities on a global scale increasingly and systematically lead to ecological destruction. Students will analyze three everyday items to understand how big industries and major actors like corporations and governments play a role in environmental damage on a macro-level.

Lesson instructions
2.1 Worksheet: Big actors and factors
2.2 Teacher reference: Big actors and factors

Lesson 3: Prophetic instruction and personal ethics

In the third and final lesson, student focus will shift from a macro to a micro view. They will consider their own lifestyle choices and study the teachings of the Prophet ﷺ to cultivate Islamic ethical principles that inform an environmentally-responsible consumer outlook.

Lesson instructions
3.1 Teacher reference: Prophetic traditions
3.2 Worksheet: Video reflection
3.3 Homework
3.4 Worksheet: Extended learning




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