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Behind the Scenes

Are Hadith Necessary?

Is there anywhere in the Qur’an that tells us to follow the Sunnah? Do we need Hadith to understand Islam? Guest contributor Emad Hamdeh discusses his upcoming article on the purpose of Hadith within Islam. Read...

Humanity Needs God

Zohair Abdul Rahman and Dr. Nazir Khan discuss their new article on having faith and conviction in the existence in Allah.
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In Awe of Allah

Sh. Mohammad Elshinawy introduces “In Awe of Allah”, a new series of publications that aims to revive the correct understanding of Allah.
Read the first installment here.


Inverting the Gaze

Dr. Jonathan Brown and his assistant give a behind the scenes look at his paper in which he explores the Western academic investigation of early Islamic history and its radical critiques of the Sunni hadith tradition...


How Islam Spread Throughout the World

Hassam Munir gives a behind the scenes look at his recent publication, “How Islam Spread Throughout the World”, which debunks the narrative that the prevalence of Islam in the world today can be explained as...