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Why Does God Ask People to Worship Him?

One common question posed by skeptics of faith pertains to the wisdom behind God asking His creation to worship Him. Why does God ask us to worship Him, when He has no need for our worship? How does God benefit from our prayers, supplications, and fasting? This infographic begins with three reasons why this question is inherently problematic, then addresses the more pertinent question, Why do we need to worship God?

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Why Worship Allah

Mohammad Elshinawy

Mohammad Elshinawy

FELLOW | Mohammad Elshinawy is a Graduate of English Literature at Brooklyn College, NYC. He studied at College of Hadith at the Islamic University of Madinah and is a graduate and instructor of Islamic Studies at Mishkah University. He has translated major works for the International Islamic Publishing House, the Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America, and Mishkah University