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Reorienting Women’s Values – Dr. Zara Khan | Reframing the Gender Question

Dr. Zara Khan discusses how to reorient women’s values using two guiding questions: Is feminism an appropriate and useful tool for Muslims to use when advocating for dignified lives for women? And, Is human rights a beneficial framework for Muslims to base our entitlement claims and notions of justice in?

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Call for Papers: Yaqeen Institute for Islamic Research is inviting papers on the scholarly study of gender and Islam in anticipation of Part II of the Gender Collection. The deadline for submitting papers for consideration is October 15, 2019, via our Call for Papers form.

Dr. Zara Khan

Dr. Zara Khan

RESEARCH COORDINATOR | Dr. Zara Khan studied Political Science and social justice at the City University of New York, specializing in comparative political theory. Her main hope is to contribute to the Islamicization of profane knowledge, particularly in education, politics, culture and economics insha’Allah. Areas of interest include Islamic teaching philosophy; materialist epistemology; secularization; critical race; capitalism, neoliberalism, and neocolonialism; human rights; ethical agriculture; cosmopolitan aesthetics; and the metaphysics of technology. She is an educator and researcher, currently leading Yaqeen’s Task Force on Liberalism and Philosophy.