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Souls Assorted: What’s Your Spiritual Personality? | Webinar

“Be yourself.”

Our personal, social, and work lives are inundated with this common piece of advice. Many of us find ourselves trying to understand who we really are, and what paths we are meant to follow.

But can we understand who we really are if we don’t know what is inside each of our unique souls?

Dr. Nazir Khan and Zohair Abdul-Rahman take us through a guided soul-searching experience, as they explore the different spiritual personality types outlined in their recent publication. By becoming self-aware and embracing your God-given talents, you can confidently fill the role you were created to play.

Read “Souls Assorted: An Islamic Theory of Spiritual Personality.”

Discover your spiritual personality by taking our quiz.

Nazir Khan

Dr. Nazir Khan is a Director of Research at Yaqeen Institute. He is a physician, volunteer imam, and consultant for the Manitoba Islamic Association's Fiqh (Religious Affairs) Committee. He has memorized the Qur’an and received traditional certification (ijazah) in the study of the Qur’an, Hadith and Islamic theology (aqeedah).