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Waswasah Al-Qahri – Najwa Awad – #YaqeenBehindTheScenes

Najwa Awad’s #YaqeenBehindtheScenes video for her upcoming paper titled, “Waswasah Al-Qahri: A New Disorder to Clinical Literature.” In this video, Najwa explains waswasah from a psychological view and gives some insight into her research on this topic.


Najwa Awad

Najwa Awad is a psychotherapist who is passionate about helping Muslims heal, grow, and thrive after adversity. She has over a decade of experience providing online and in-person counseling to children, adults, and families at her practice, Amanah Family Counseling. Najwa also enjoys giving workshops to destigmatize mental illness, address current mental health issues within the community, and promote psychological health from an Islamic perspective.