Dealing with Apparently Problematic Hadiths | Behind the Scenes

Muntasir Zaman

Muntasir Zaman is currently a full-time instructor at the Qalam Institute, teaching advanced Hadīth studies. He graduated from the ʿĀlimiyyah program of the Madrasah ʿArabiyyah Islāmiyyah in South Africa. He then completed the Iftā program and a course specializing in the field of Hadīth. He holds an MA in Islamic Studies from the Markfield Institute of Higher Education in Leicester, England. He writes articles, book reviews, and translations of classical Islamic literature.

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Mufti Muntasir Zaman discusses his upcoming paper on approaching Hadith that may seem problematic at first glance, including those that don’t line up with our worldview.

Read “Give It a Second Thought: Dealing with Apparently Problematic Hadiths“.