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The Age of Aisha: Rejecting Historical Revisionism & Modernist Presumptions

Guest Author Faraz Malik discusses the balance between criticizing hadith and looking at them objectively versus using them as a spiritual guide to help us live as spiritually fulfilling Muslims in this society – specifically in relation to the marriage of Aisha (ra) to Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.

Read the full publication here. Part of the “More than Just a Number: Perspectives on the Age of Aisha (ra)” collection.


Mufti Faraz Malik

FELLOW | Mufti Faraz Malik graduated from The Ohio State University and continued his studies abroad in Amman, Jordan where he taught as an Arabic Instructor for Qasid Arabic Institute and obtained diplomas in traditional Islamic Studies. Afterwards he graduated with a Masters in Islamic Studies from Hartford Seminary where he is currently publishing his Masters’ thesis. He currently resides in Dallas, Texas where he is enrolled at Qalam Seminary completing the alimiyyah program.