Ramadan 2018 Curriculum

This Ramadan, Yaqeen Institute presents our first ever Ramadan Curriculum, designed to to walk you through some of Yaqeen Institute’s spiritual publications that will help you make the most of this special month. The curriculum is a 3-part series that will be released every 10 days and will contain objectives, goals, and a journal activity.


Ramadan Curriculum part 1

Part 1 of the curriculum, Reflect. Plan. Act!, covers “The Lost Art of Contemplation” and “The Power of Motivation” from the Spiritual Psychology Series, and “The Character of the Prophet ﷺ: Proofs of Prophethood Series“.  Start Ramadan off strong by defining clear goals, limiting at least one distraction, and embodying a characteristic of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.




Part 2 of the curriculum, The Meaning of Life in Practice, covers “Islamic Spirituality & Mental Well-Being“, “Overcoming Pessimism with Faith“, and “How the Prophet Rose Above Enmity & Insult“.  Learn and apply practical lessons such how to soften your heart, how to maintain a positive attitude, and how to handle insult with grace as the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ did.




The third and final packet is designed to prepare you to make the most of the last ten nights of Ramadan. It begins with a critical reflection on the beauty of worshiping Allah and then leads into how to do so effectively through contemplation and repentance as you search for the Night of Power. Papers covered include “Why Does God Ask People to Worship Him?”, “How to be a Mindful Muslim”, and “Repentance, Redemption, and Salvation”.