Muslim Slave Rebellions in the Americas | Margarita Rosa | 16th MAS-ICNA Convention

Margarita Rosa

Margarita Rosario is a PhD student in the Comparative Literature program at Princeton University. She specializes in discourses leading to the abolition of slavery in the Americas and in African Muslim lands. Her early graduate study also concerned the history of Spanish and Portuguese colonization in the Americas and the history and literature of Andalucia. Born in The Dominican Republic, Rosa is especially concerned with how Latinos imagine the history of their racial ancestry and how Afro-descendant Muslims imagine their spiritual ancestry. Rosa has taught World Literature and English Literature at the New Jersey Garden State Correctional Facility and has co-taught courses at Princeton University.

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In this Yaqeen/MAS Academic Conference presentation at the 16th MAS-ICNA Convention, guest author Margarita Rosa discusses the history of Muslim resistance to slavery in North America, Latin America, and the Caribbean, and our connection to a spiritual ancestry of resistance to oppression. She shares duas written by enslaved Muslims as well as aspects of her experience as an Afro-Dominican Muslim woman in a world where slavery has not yet been abolished.

Read “Du’as of the Enslaved: The Malê Slave Rebellion in Bahía, Brazil” here: