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Talk Toolkits™

Yaqeen Talk Toolkits™ are fully prepared lectures, developed as a tool to empower and equip Imams, youth directors, and MSA leaders to address topics relevant to the concerns of American Muslims today.


Dua khutbah

Du’a: The Legacy of Our Prophets

Why should I give a lecture on this topic? When thinking of worship in Islam, the five pillars of faith often come to mind first. We do our best to pray, fast, donate to the needy, make Hajj, and consistently renew our...

The Greatest Investment

The Greatest Investment

Why should I give a lecture on this topic? Let’s be honest with each other: being a practicing Muslim in the West is not easy. We often face immense pressure from multiple sources that pushes some of us to believe that...

Repentance as a way of life khutbah

Repentance as a Way of Life

Why should I give a lecture on this topic? A man took 99 lives. Because of him, the lives of 99 individuals with families and friends, fears and hopes, were destroyed. He sought help to see if God could ever forgive him...

What do you smell like khutbah

What do you “smell” like?

Why should I give a lecture on this topic? What is your impact on others? What habits have your friends picked up from you? When you leave a room, what feeling do you leave behind? Or, to use a common Islamic metaphor...


The Gravity of One Murder

Why should I give a lecture on the murder of George Floyd? A man, 46 years old, lying on the floor. An officer, wearing the uniform of the state, pressing a knee into his throat. “I can’t breathe,” the man says. “Mama,”...


Cultural Knowledge

Why should I give a lecture on the benefits of cultural knowledge? Cultural knowledge brings a lot of benefit to the global Muslim community. But often, some groups that dominate Muslim spaces impose their own...


Appeasement or Devotion to Faith?

Why should I give a khutbah on devotion to faith? The Institute for Social Policy and Understanding recently released an analysis of various faith groups, surveying their private and public religious practices. The...

social services khutbah

Social Services

Why should I give a khutbah on social services? The American Muslim community today is facing unique experiences compared to other faith communities in the United States. According to the 2017 American Muslim Poll, we...