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Sayedaty Ep. 9: Zobaida bint Jaafar

Zobaida bint Jaafar teaches us an important lesson about using our resources and talents to help others overcome their challenges. Meet this special female figure in this week’s episode of Sayedaty.


Sayedaty Ep. 8: Arwa bint Ahmed

As a queen and leader of her dominion, Arwa bint Ahmed had the capability to do so much, but she prioritized building places of knowledge and worship. She understood that only by promoting proper knowledge and worship...


Sayedaty Ep. 7: Amina of Zaria

There is so much we can learn from the leadership of Queen Amina of Zaria. She utilized her position and authority to bring stability to her own kingdom, as well as ensuring the safety and protection of those around her...


Sayedaty Ep. 6: Sutayta Al-Mahāmali

Besides the fact that she was an incredible scholar, Sutayta Al-Mahāmali’s fame stems from her expertise in mathematics. She is an incredible example of great leadership, knowledge, and character. Join Tesneem...


Sayedaty Ep. 5: Nusayba bint Kaab

Nusayba bint Kaab was a warrior who shattered many glass ceilings, was admired by the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ for her courage and strength, and played a role of definitely clarifying the position of a woman in Islam. She...


Sayedaty Ep. 3: Nafisah bint al-Hasan

Nafisah bint al-Hasan, nicknamed Nafisatul ‘Ilm (the Gem of Knowledge), was the teacher of one of the greatest scholars in Islamic history. Learn more about her story with Tesneem AlKiek in this week’s...