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Not Even a Fly

If all the brilliant researchers of the world came together, could they create a fly? In the face of God, we are powerless.

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The Virtues of Abraham (as)

The Quran refers to Prophet Ibrahim (as) as “a community unto himself” [an-Nahl:120]. This infographic outlines his most revered qualities which are part of his legacy to this day.

A Miraculous Revelation

The Qur’an continues to be the most compelling proof that Muhammad ﷺ was the final prophet of God. This infographic explores the miraculous nature of the Qur’an and three aspects of its inimitability. For...


The Purpose of Pain

Why does God Allow evil to exist? This infographic delves into the wisdom behind the existence of pain and suffering according to the Qur’an and Sunnah. For more on this topic, read “Why Do People Suffer...

Fruits of Charity

Every drop of sadaqah, when given to please Allah, bears a fruitful garden of reward. Charity, in the eyes of Allah, is not the reduction of wealth. It’s His servant offering Him heart wrapped with devotion and...