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Charity is Exponential

While we may never know the exponential impact of our charitable giving, Allah does – and rewards us accordingly.

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Hearts Like Leaves

The seasonal cycle of death and renewal in nature are a reminder of our Creator’s power. But what can it teach us about our hearts?

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From Fear to Freedom

What can you learn from your reaction to uncertainty? This infographic navigates the paths we can take when faced with uncertainty and how we can learn to embrace it.

Ramadan Tips

Ramadan Prep: 10 Essential Tips

Ramadan is the most blessed time of year – a time to reawaken our spirituality, to attain good deeds and habits, and to lose the ones holding us back from gaining His favor. This infographic, based on our recent...


The Character of Prophet Muhammad

In Part 1 of the Proofs of Prophethood series, we examined why prophets are necessary and in particular why a prophet was so badly needed during the time that Muhammad ﷺ emerged in history. Part 2 looks into the...