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Is Islam a Religion of Violence? | Animation

With so much violence committed in the name of religion, many people believe that religion itself is to blame. A quick look into the history of violence shows how this is factually incorrect. This video sets the record...


How to be a Mindful Muslim | Animation

What if there was a simple way to overcome procrastination, focus better in your prayers, and improve your overall quality of life? There IS a way, and it’s backed by both contemporary science and Islamic...


There are Multiple Paths to Islam

As long as you are completing your obligations, there are so many aspects of Islam you can choose to focus on that best suit your nature. Read “Souls Assorted: An Islamic Theory of Spiritual Personality” to...


The Bankrupt of My Nation | Animation

If we are performing religious devotions by day and transgressing the rights of others by night, then our worship is not truly sincere.
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