Video Product Manager




USA, preferred Dallas, TX

Employment type


As a Product Manager for video Content at Yaqeen, you will be responsible for creating and maintaining new and existing video series that match specific Islamic Needs based on a targeted audience. In this way, you will be responsible for working cross functionally with our research, marketing, video production, creative, and executive teams to identify the audiences that we aim to reach out to first, followed by a targeted core set of values to deliver to that audience.


  • Collaborate with subject matter experts, researchers, video producers and our creative team to identify key audiences, topics and themes to focus on.
  • Develop a comprehensive video content strategy that matches audience segments to Islamic Needs.
  • Conduct Market research on trends in the market and re-align if shifts are needed.
  • Lead the end-to-end Project Management of video content creation, including concepting, planning, filming and releasing videos on YouTube and other social media platforms.
  • Develop ways to incorporate data measurement and feedback directly into the iterative product lifecycle.
  • Prioritize projects across your portfolio and across Yaqeen’s portfolio to ensure we’re focused on the areas that deliver the most value to our viewers.
  • Work closely with subject matter experts, copywriters, designers and video teams to ensure a seamless workflow.
  • Collaborate with Marketing to develop promotional strategies for video content.
  • Present video data to various stakeholders across the institute.
  • Collect and analyze data from your video series to make iterative improvements over time.
  • Identify how your video series are achieving the overall goals of Yaqeen, and link the data you’re collecting to those overall goals.
  • You’re the voice of data for your video teams- it’s your responsibility to teach them how to read the data, and why you’re making changes to a video series based on analysis you’ve pulled from that data.

Required skills

  • Minimum qualifications of a Bachelor's Degree in a relevant field
  • 2+ years of experience in Product Management, preferably with a background in video production
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Excellent project management and organizational skills
  • A detail oriented approach to work
  • Familiarity with Social media platforms, YouTube in particular
  • Familiarity with video production processes, preferably with a history of experimenting with video creation yourself
  • Passion for Yaqeen Institute’s mission
  • A commitment to Ihsan in everything you do for Yaqeen
  • Strong familiarity with Islamic concepts such as Hadith, Quran, Fiqh and Seerah
  • An active curious mind searching for answers on how Islam can help in your journey in life


  1. Go to your local masjid’s Imam or local religious leader, and ask them what they believe is the most difficult problem facing Muslims ages 18-35 in their community.
  2. Produce a list of at least 2 themes that will address that pain point
  3. Develop a video concept based on those themes that will address this pain point for the community and write up a short 1-page document outlining the video concept. Include in this 1-pager:
    1. What team member specialities you’d want to be included in this team
    2. How long would the video run for
    3. How would you measure success