Strategy and Product Lead




USA or Canada

Employment type


Reporting to the CEO, the Strategy and Product lead will drive high impact high visibility projects that are cross-functional and have complex interdependencies. The lead will help ensure that Yaqeen has strong strategies and processes in place. The lead will interact closely with the Executive team and will also roll their sleeves and work granularly with the various teams and squads. This role will help prioritize and execute on special projects in order to increase speed of execution to propel Yaqeen’s growth. This is a projects’-based role Each project will have a sponsor from the Executive team, and a designated partner from a functional team. The lead will also work closely with the board of Yaqeen. This is an individual contributor role.

Your role involves leading the planning and implementation of various projects. While overseeing entire projects and their outcomes in some cases, you'll also collaborate with team members responsible for specific project aspects. You'll play a key role in analyzing, designing, and executing diverse projects, creating tailored solutions in partnership with stakeholders to achieve positive and lasting results.

This position offers an opportunity for you to enhance your established leadership skills and apply your enthusiasm for inspiring others and fostering strong relationships. In a collaborative team environment, you'll work closely with team members while also exercising autonomy with minimal guidance.

Typical project responsibilities include gathering and analyzing information, formulating and testing hypotheses, and developing recommendations for presentation to management. Furthermore, you'll drive the execution of certain projects.


  • Create a strategy and process around how Yaqeen's audience interacts with Yaqeen through its various channels
  • Explore new product initiatives
  • Create a well-defined strategy, process and metrics for fundraising and leads’ funnel
  • Create strategy and processes around performance reviews and talent growth programs
  • Create assessments based on categories of the common jobs that Yaqeen hires for
  • Help assess Yaqeen's quarterly progress based on the objectives and goals it has set (both against its short and long term goals)

Required skills

  • We’re looking for a candidate who has management consulting or corporate strategy experience (2 to 5+ years) with the following. The role can be in-person or fully remote.
  • Superb analytical skills
  • Excellent conceptual problem solving skills
  • High emotional intelligence and ability to navigate complex situations
  • Self-starter and self-driven
  • Ability to navigate ambiguity and create structure
  • Your strong analytical, quantitative, and conceptual thinking skills, along with effective interpersonal and communication abilities, will be vital for the success of projects and at-scale impact.

Please attach your resume or LinkedIn (or both) along with a document that answers the following question (take as much time as you need for submitting this assignment). You can format your answer the way you see fit (e.g., deck, word doc, memo, etc).

It is your first day of work and you are informed that Yaqeen receives a high volume of emails, messages and comments on its various social media platforms and through its website/contact form. Devise a strategy and a process by which Yaqeen is able to engage with its audience in a way that is scalable, sustainable, and effective (maximizing impact). Should Yaqeen answer every single question/request it gets? If not, how would you structure this? What potential categories would you create to route the messages? What rules/guidelines etc would you put in place? The more actionable you can be, the better (Imagine you will hand this off to someone who will execute the strategy and process that you are proposing).