Creative Copywriter / Copy Editor




US or Canada

Employment type


Reporting to the Creative Director, the Creative Copywriter is responsible for strategically developing and building creative concepts through masterful use of language that aligns with the Yaqeen brand. The Copywriter is the voice strategist who exemplifies the Yaqeen brand and helps craft the ownable narrative or story through which we can converse with our target market in an inspiring, compelling and persuasive way. The Copywriter is someone who is excited and passionate about everything to do with words: developing unique voices, creating names and turning strategy into storytelling. Someone who knows how to write well, and how to think and talk about how their writing fits into the broader creative concept. Someone with opinions, and the ability to express them.


  • Work in close partnership with Creative Director to develop creative concepts.
  • Have the ability to take creative direction well and create a story around art or a design concept.
  • Manage multiple projects, with the ability to switch from one to the other seamlessly.
  • Meets and collaborates with the Creative Director and other members of the Yaqeen team to discuss and clarify the direction of creative development against the creative strategy and creative brief.
  • Develop strategically relevant creative solutions based on the information gathered from all documents including the creative brief, team members, and the Creative Director.
  • Write copy which includes a complete brand message without extraneous embellishments.
  • Use innovative and dynamic copy with vivid language appropriate to Yaqeen’s needs and brand voice.
  • Present concepts to the Creative Director to ensure all creative meets the creative brief, and Yaqeen’s brand and creative standards.
  • Presents copy/concepts to the team for discussion and approval, ensuring all details are included in the copy at presentation.
  • Collaborate fully with Creative Director and all members of the Yaqeen team.
  • Apprise the Creative Director of progress as warranted.
  • Regularly attend briefs, group meetings, status meetings, production meetings, and presentations where appropriate.
  • Proofread file prep material for detail and accuracy.
  • Embrace, adhere to and champion the brand guidelines and standards process for ongoing copy development, to ensure a consistent style, tone and quality for all brand language across all external and internal touchpoints.
  • Provide coaching to voice-over artists on how to create professional quality work, with direction on inflection and tone of voice.
  • Work with Creative Director to develop the verbal component of Yaqeen’s brand architecture.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Required skills

  • A strong critical thinker who has the ability to translate a creative brief grounded in consumer insights into compelling content that embodies marketing strategies and objectives.
  • An authority in written language and copy who demonstrates an eye for basic design principles and how they work in tandem with words to create a strong, cohesive brand message.
  • Possesses a high degree of conceptual creativity and verbal polish—a natural storyteller.
  • Is able to write engaging advertising headlines, body copy, and tag lines for a variety of audiences, both online and off, within a consistent brand tone and voice and in response to a range of strategies and objectives.
  • Demonstrates the ability to critique and discuss his/her own work and the work of others in a constructive manner.
  • Demonstrates an aptitude to present concepts and work, from both messaging and brand perspectives.
  • Possesses excellent editing and proofreading skills and has an eye for detail that ensures high quality deliverables.
  • Must be able to analyze, and organize Islamic academic research through working knowledge of the basic beliefs, values, and practices of Islam.