We’ve developed a groundbreaking framework to help Muslims understand their own religiosity.

By looking at six key areas, we have found a way to gauge religiosity in a holistic way and help Muslims reach their fullest potential, insha’Allah.

Our new assessment paints your religious portrait and identifies areas of improvement. We hope to help you along your religious journey by providing reminders and resources in the areas where you have potential to grow.

Our theory is that, by studying your example, we can learn how to help others grow in their faith.

Here's how

1. Take the assessment

2. Reflect on your results

3. Sign up and peruse the resources we provide

4. After 90 days, re-take the BASIC assessment

5. Enjoy the barakah you’ve earned by helping other Muslims strengthen their faith

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Your data is an Amanah (trust) that we value and take seriously. Your data will be secured, never sold, and never shared with any third-party vendors.

Our recent publication “A Holistic View of Muslim Religiosity: Introducing BASIC” explores the development and validation of our new scale to measure Muslim religiosity. By practicing Islam holistically, one will find higher levels of life satisfaction, purpose in life, well-being, and gratitude. Additionally, holistic Islamic religiosity provides protection from the problems associated with doubts, anxiety, and depression. Knowing where you lie along this new scale will provide you with feedback on how to grow and improve.