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Author - Arnold Yasin Mol

Arnold Yasin Mol is pursuing his PhD in Islamic studies (Leiden University), and the Dars-i-Nizami in traditional Islamic studies (IRTIS.org.uk). His research focuses on Islamic theology, tafsīr studies, philosophy of law (uṣūl al-fiqh), ethics and human rights discourse, Islamic international law (siyar), sharīʿa and governance, and religious studies (religious pluralism, religion and society). Concurrently, with Mufti Amjad Mohammed (IRTIS), he is working on a contemporary supercommentary (ḥāshiya) and translation of the classical Qurʾānic exegesis Tafsīr al-Nasafī. He also teaches Islamic sciences at the Dutch-based Fahm Institute (fahminstituut.nl), is a researcher on the British Board of Scholars and Imams (BBSI.org.uk), provides pastoral counseling, and is a consultant on religion, ethics, and contemporary society. His previous studies include Islamic theology (BA, Leiden University), and Catholic and pastoral theology (Fontys/Utrecht University).